ClubWPT Prizes

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ClubWPT Keeps You In Timely Fashion


Online poker is open to the masses but when people think of poker, there is still an air of class and elegance about the activity. This is perhaps influenced by characters like James Bond who are regularly seen in casinos and are pictures enjoying the finer things in life at a poker table. This definitely sticks in people’s minds and gives an added air of substance to poker playing. Not every online poker site is able to provide class and elegance in the manner that ClubWPT can but then again, ClubWPT is not like every other poker site.

Play with who you want

This should be something that is known by poker players but if you don’t, you have definitely been missing out. Club WPT is a site where you make no deposits or buy-ins to play and this makes it a 100% legal poker site. Yes, even through all the shutdowns of poker sites, ClubWPT has been opening its doors to US poker players and poker fans from all over the world. If part of the fun of online poker is connecting with people from all over the world, ClubWPT is likely to be the site that gives you the biggest reason to play.

Be a time and style icon with TAG

It is not just enough for a poker site to say that they are stylish though, they have to back this up with actions and this is definitely something that ClubWPT manages to do. The site has a very strong tie-in with TAG, which is one of the most respected names in the world of fashion. The TAG range of products may cost a lot of money but they carry a reputation and reliability that is known throughout the world. There is a value for money in buying a product like this but thanks to ClubWPT; you can get your hands on some great TAG goods without having to shell out a huge sum.

The tournament play game options on ClubWPT not only provide cash incentives, they provide prizes and this is where players can claim their TAG gifts. A TAG Heuer watch is a timeless classic and is a watch that millions of people around the world would love to have on their arm. If you play your cards right at poker, you might find yourself being the joyous owner of this world famous time-keeping equipment. However, stylish watches are not for everyone and people on the go may have concerns about the watch being broken by their energetic lifestyle.

These people may find that TAG sunglasses are a better prize to play for and this option is also available. With top Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen wearing TAG sunglasses, you will be in good company if you win these shades. Every Tuesday is the day for the TAG shades which means this could be the best day to utilise a ClubWPT bonus code. Playing for prizes is always fun but with a bonus code it could be the best poker fun you’ll have had in years.