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In the modern era, it is almost as if the VIP experience has been devalued. With so many clubs and commercial locations boasting about their VIP package, it seems as though it no longer stands for Very Important Person but Virtually Inclusive Package. There are some VIP packages that seem to be available to everyone and if the truth be told, they don’t actually make you feel like a very important person when you see what is on offer. However, this is definitely not the case at ClubWPT where the VIP membership package is one that should have poker players flocking to the site. Compare the VIP membership offered by ClubWPTto any other VIP programand you’ll be amazed how many benefits they actually have mind for you.

Control your own luck with ClubWPT

Some poker sites can cost you a lot of money if you like tournament play but don’t carry a lot of luck but ClubWPT is different from most sites. You should know by now that the unique membership nature of the club ensures it is legal across the United States but it also carries another major benefit. For the $19.99 (maximum) membership fee a month, you can enjoy unlimited tournament play without having to ever buy in or make a deposit. Just think about how much money you would normally spend at the poker table during a month and think about the fantastic value that the VIP package at ClubWPT provides.

Having the chance to play poker for over $100,000 every month in sweepstake cash and prizes is a major boost for poker players and the fact that you don’t have to spend a dime above the membership fee is even better. There is a ClubWPT bonus code to help you when signing up so you can have an even greater time when joining in with the poker fun. It doesn’t take a lot of time to type in WPTBONUS but it may be something that transforms the way you play online poker.

See all the latest WPT fun

However, there is much more to the membership package than merely playing online. It may be that you follow the major names in poker and if you do, the WPT events will be a major draw for you. VIP membership provides commercial-free access to the WPT Season IX episodes and a lot more bonus footage. If you aspire to find yourself at the WPT main events, ClubWPT can help you get there in body or at least in spirit. No matter what your poker playing dreams and ambitions are, ClubWPT can help you achieve them!

However, you may just be looking to play online for fun while holding dreams of making it to the real home of gaming, Las Vegas. If this is the case, you will be interested to know that VIP membership of ClubWPT sees you eligible for Las Vegas discounts. Anything which can save you money and help boost your bankroll in Vegas has to be worth it so the ClubWPT experience can boost your offline playing as much as it can boost your online fun! If you love poker, ClubWPT is definitely the place to help you get the most fun from your free time.